Ultra-high speed broadband for everyone.


Regardless of the size of your community, your age, education, or where you work, you deserve access to high-speed broadband. SWIFT is a project initiated by the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (WOWC) to build an ultra high-speed fibre optic regional broadband network for everyone in Western Ontario.

SWIFT will be open access for all providers and users, and rates will be published for all to see. Ongoing competition and full transparency generates more selection, better services, more choices and lower prices. The service fees paid by users and providers will be reinvested in expanding fibre connectivity to everyone, lowering rates and ensuring SWIFT is self-sustaining.


Who we are

WOWC is a not-for-profit organization comprised of the heads of council representing 15 rural municipalities. The partners recognize that working with the community to bring fibre optic connectivity to every citizen, farm, business, and organization is critical to our region’s prosperity.

What’s next?

Stage 1

Complete organizational design, business plan, and funding in 2014-2015.

Stage 2

Select Internet Service Providers to build and operate SWIFT in 2016.

Stage 3

Begin construction in 2016.

Stage 4

Complete initial construction and connect communities in 2019/2020.



Fast facts

  • Up to 1 Gbps access for under $100/ month (target)
  • Internet transit to major Internet Exchange Points in Toronto, St. Catharines, and Windsor for faster and affordable Internet
  • Fibre optic connectivity accessible to 3.5 million people across 41,286 km2
  • Funding through various levels of government: $160 million in Federal and Provincial funds; $60 million from Internet Service Providers, and $20 million from municipalities and other supporters
  • Total cost: $240 million

Contact Us

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