Using YouTube in the Classroom

The children of South Western Ontario deserve the best tools and resources in the classroom. Fast, high quality connection to the Internet can drastically improve their learning experience. One online resource that has recently become more popular is YouTube EDU.

YouTube for Schools allows for teachers and school board administrators to log in to YouTube EDU and create specialized playlists of educational videos to use in the classroom, and it’s completely FREE. YouTube has designed the service so that students can log in to the class’ YouTube EDU channel, but not control any of the content. This way, the teacher has full control of the videos accessed by students in the classroom.

YouTube EDU also features hundreds of existing playlists organized by subject and grade so that teachers don’t have to spend too much time browsing the videos, collecting the most relevant ones. The videos featured are from reputable and recognizable sources, such as TED, Stanford, and PBS. Teachers have access to a wide variety of videos, from fun science experiments to entire lectures.

Out-of-date textbooks can be a thing of the past if only our education system had the appropriate access to affordable, high speed Internet connection. If this educational resource is available, don’t you want your children to have access to it?