What are Internet Exchange Points?

internet exchange points

Did you know that SWIFT plans on connecting to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Toronto, St. Catharines, and Windsor? This will result in faster and affordable Internet for South Western Ontario.

Internet Exchange Points

An IXP is where many different organizations, such as broadcasters, access providers, publishers, social networks, and telecom operators, come together to interconnect their technology. When providers connect on the same platform to exchange traffic, it is called “peering.”

Because of how the internet works (which is explained in the video below), as more providers agree to exchange traffic at IXPs, everyone becomes more connected, and the Internet becomes more efficient.

By connecting to major IXPs in Toronto, St. Catharines, and Windsor, SWIFT is connecting South Western Ontario to the rest of the world, allowing companies, organizations, and students to access a wealth of resources available online.