Gaining Access to Canada’s Telehealth Services

canada telehealth

Three years ago, Canadian patients travelled 47 million less kilometers in a single year thanks to Canada’s Telehealth system. That’s the equivalent of taking 2,700 cars off the road for one year.

“Telehealth is making a big difference right now for Canadians who live in rural and remote parts of the country. Because it can be quite hard to access specialized care, it means they have to travel less often, but they still get the care that they need close to home,” explains Jennifer Zelmer, SVP, Clinical Adoption & Innovation, Canada Health Infoway in the video below.

Without affordable, high quality access to the Internet, Telehealth is not possible. The retirees, farmers, and students of South Western Ontario need medical assistance as much as anyone else in the province, so it is very important to construct new broadband infrastructure.

A prime example is Heather Blois, a parent of an adopted son. When she adopted her son, he had a severe burn on his hand, which limited its function and threatened to worsen over time. After receiving corrective surgery, Heather decided to use Telehealth services to follow up with their doctor about her son’s progress and health.

This allowed Heather and her son to have personal, face-to-face meetings with their doctor without travelling thousands of miles back and forth numerous times a year from their home in Northern Ontario to Toronto.

“You use the technology to take what you have and use it more efficiently. I have access to literally a few million people, sitting in one spot,” says Dr. Joel Fish, Burn Specialist, SickKids.

The people of South Western Ontario deserve to take advantage of Canada’s rapidly developing Telehealth service. Telehealth can save money, time, and most importantly, lives.