Celebrating Canada’s History of Communication

The i-CANADA 150 campaign aims to celebrate 150 years of the country’s rich history, spearheading the world’s Age of Communication.

As far as technological inventions and innovations go in the realm of communication, Canada has contributed its fair share:

  • Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone
  • The world’s first long distance call was made in Canada
  • The first domestic communications satellite was Canadian
  • The country had the first commercial telephone system
  • Canada also had the first nationwide digital network

i-CANADA lists a few more firsts on their website!

In recent years, many Canadian cities have been listed as an intelligent community by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), and this year, Toronto was named Intelligent Community of the Year!

“We can point with pride to the other Canadian cities – Kingston and Winnipeg – which were in the Top Seven contention,” said i-CANADA Chair Bill Hutchison. In 2007, the ICF selected Waterloo as the most intelligent community.

As a country who has lead the way in communication technology and been recognized globally for its forward-thinking cities, it’s shocking that there are still rural parts of the country without affordable high speed Internet connection.

SWIFT aims to make Southwestern Ontario a part of Canada’s legacy. Contact your County Office today to let them know that you deserve affordable broadband access!