You Deserve Access to Online Education Courses

The key word in the term “broadband access” is access. Connecting to a fibre-optic network gives you access to a whole new world of information. When it comes to the weather report or shopping for new products and services to aid your business, a simple Google search will suffice. When it comes to learning new skills and gaining a higher education, students need access to online education courses.

The world’s most prestigious universities offer online courses. For example, the University of Toronto (UofT) offers a wide array of online programs, ranging from Introduction to Environmental Science, English Grammar, and Introduction to Computer Programming, to Calculus for Engineers and Introductory Psychology.

Sometimes you just need exposure to a new realm of studies to find out what you’re truly interested in. Craig Platt, a graduate from UofT’s School of Continuing Studies discovered his passion for team leading in the Business & Professional Studies program (offered online).

“I needed a little bit more different perspective on learning,” Platt explains. Facing a serious illness in his family, Platt’s university career was put on hold. UofT’s variety of programs gave him the chance to discover his true passion.

Since completing his courses, Platt says: “My ability to solve problems and manage risk; to develop, guide and measure projects; and to build teams, provide motivation and ensure productivity have all increased significantly.” Platt is now a staff sergeant with the Halton Regional Police Service, leading a 30-officer platoon in Oakville, Ontario.

Craig Platt is just one individual who discovered a career path thanks to the wide range of courses available to him. The students and residents of Southwestern Ontario deserve the same options, so that they too can discover that they are truly passionate about.

Contact your County Office today to let them know you need high speed Internet to access a wider range of online education options.