Can Smart Home Technology Benefit Rural Residents?

Controlling your entire home from your smartphone may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, but this technology is advancing quicker than you think.

Recently, condominium developer, Canderel, announced that their new development, YC Condos in Toronto will incorporate smart home technology (a True Marque Project powered by Samsung).

The future residents of YC Condos have the potential to unlock their front door, access security cameras, receive motion sensor notifications, and control their lights and entertainment system all with their smartphones!

With Canderel’s announcement, it is only a matter of time before smart home technology becomes mainstream in downtown, urban residences. We believe that this type of technology would be useful in rural settings as well!

Any type of technology that facilitates home operation can make for a more efficient lifestyle. Retirees would benefit from smart home technology by cutting down on the amount of movement needed on a daily basis. Turning on lights, answering the door, and watching television would be a breeze.

Farmers would be able to keep a close eye on their livestock with motion sensors and cameras, and students would just enjoy the convenience of controlling everything from their phones!

Of course, before smart home technology becomes the norm, teh people of Southwestern Ontario should first push for high speed, affordable broadband access.

If you believe your community needs to take a step towards the future of home technology, contact your County Office today.

Canderel Digital Home, a True Marque Project Powered by Samsung from YC Condos on Vimeo.