Using the Internet to Save Gas Money

The next phase of the Internet is the “Internet of Everything,” a phrase coined to outline the moment of time when every object in the world has its own IP address and is capable of communicating with any other object via the Internet.

Our technology hasn’t evolved that far yet, but one aspect of our everyday life that is inadvertently affected by the Internet is our transportation habits. Do you still drive to the bank? Do you still hop in the car to go buy groceries? Do you find yourself still parking in expansive super-mall parking lots?

Think about how far away your bank is. How close is your favourite mall? How often do you make these seemingly necessary driving trips? Think of the gas money that could be saved by having access to online banking and shopping.

According to Transport 2040, a transit strategy by TransLink for Metro Vancouver, gas prices are on the rise. Metro Vancouver has already seen gas prices hit above $1.50 per litre. Eventually, in the next decade or so, buying fuel for your car(s) will probably cost more than $2.00 per litre!

In urban centres, more and more people are getting rid of their cars, but they have the luxury of amenities within walking distance and reliable transit services. In rural areas, like the ones in Southwestern Ontario, a vehicle is usually necessary – there’s no denying it – but how much are you willing to pay for fuel? If you had access to affordable, high-speed Internet, the money you would save on car fuel every month would put a decent dent in your monthly Internet bill.

It’s not even all about saving money, not making long driving trips to accomplish errands on a daily basis means you save time. Plus, cutting down on vehicular traffic means decreasing smog-forming pollutants, which is good for the environment and would surely benefit the farmers and children of Southwestern Ontario from both business and health perspectives.

The Internet isn’t just your gateway to the future, it is the future. Contact your County Office to let them know that you deserve access to a more convenient lifestyle.