Swift Twitter Recap #8: Flying Under the Radar

This week, the Twittersphere was a buzz with tech sales leading up to Black Friday, but one of the major pieces of news that unfortunately flew under the radar was about the Canadian Radio-television Commission’s (CRTC) hearing regarding mandating access to next-generation cable and telephone services – namely, fibre broadband. The large incumbent service providers are arguing that since fibre technology is a new kind of infrastructure, mandating access to alternative Internet service providers (ISP) might be a disincentive for investors, which would ultimately harm the economy. The issue is that in order for high-speed fibre broadband to be affordable and accessible by everyone, the market has to be competitive, and the market won’t be competitive if smaller ISPs don’t have access. The hearing started at the beginning of this week and will go on for nine days.

If you believe high-speed Internet should be affordable and available for everyone, follow the SWIFT project on twitter, get in touch, and make it known that your Southwestern Ontario county needs fibre connectivity!