Swift Twitter Recap: #ConnectedCounty Picking Up Steam!

Feature image via Grey County Facebook Page

As usual, a lot of interesting news popped up on Twitter this week, from building smart cities, to Internet governance, net neutrality, and big data. A piece of local news we’d like to highlight is the municipal effort out of Grey County over the last week. The #ConnectCounty workshops are really starting to pick up steam, and we’re happy to see a county working towards achieving the high-speed, affordable Internet they deserve!

Earlier in November, Grey County hosted a large meeting with 80 industry leaders and innovators with Intelligent Community Forum co-founder Robert Bell. Since then, the #ConnectedCounty workshops have consisted of local leaders, citizens, and service providers, discussing broadband solutions. Grey County is also working with the Western Ontario Warden’s Caucus (WOWC) to support SWIFT (us!) to develop a fibre network throughout the region.

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