President Obama Kicks Off the Hour of Code

Feature image: Scene from abc NEWS coverage

To kick off this year’s Computer Science Education week in the US, President Barack Obama spoke out in another video, urging young people around the world to participate in the #HourofCode.

This video about the importance of learning to code follows another popular video Obama recently released about net neutrality, where he highlighted the importance of an open access and equal opportunity online environment. Clearly, Obama understands the significance and strong role that the Internet plays in everyone’s lives.

We recently discussed the #HourofCode in a past blog post. Basically, it’s a global campaign to generate an interest in computer science amongst the world’s youth. As you’ve probably heard, the Internet of Everything is upon us, so our future will rely strongly on those who have the ability to code. That’s why it is so important that teachers and school boards begin to incorporate fun and entertaining methods of teaching code into the classroom. Since smart technology and the Internet plays such a big role in our lives and will be so even more in the future, coding clearly belongs in a curriculum along with math, science, and history.

“Don’t just consume things, create things,” Obama says in the video where he promotes the Hour of Code. “Take an hour to learn more about the technology that touches every part of our lives. That’s how you can prepare yourself with the skills you need for your future.”

This year’s Computer Science Education week marks the one-year anniversary of the Hour of Code and over 56 million people have tried it. The Hour of Code started on December 8, and will continue until December 14, 2014. If you haven’t tried it or showed it to a young person in your life, do so today by visiting