Swift Twitter Recap: Hour of Code Trending

The Hour of Code kicked off in extreme fashion on December 8th with President Barack Obama urging young people and teachers in America and around the world to participate in the Hour of Code. As promoters of a fibre network in Southwestern Ontario, it is crystal clear to SWIFT how important coding skills will be in the future. As more and more industries begin to rely on the Internet, being able to code, and thereby create, will be an essential skill like math and science. Not everyone becomes a mathematician or a scientist, and not every child will become a coder or programmer, but coding is still something that should be introduced at a young age for the sake of developing technology at an efficient rate and aiding the economy. Of course, with Obama’s involvement, not only Twitter but Facebook also exploded with people sharing photos and video of trying the Hour of Code. When the Hour of Code launched last Monday, over 50 million people had tried it, and just a few days later, over 72 million have participated!

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