SWIFT Twitter Recap: Obama Backs City-Built Broadband

This week, President Obama continued to champion the importance of connectivity for economic and social development by announcing that the White House would back cities that want to build their own super-speed internet networks. The news had professionals working in local government and technology news outlets alike talking about the implications (like @ELGL50 and @wired). We agree with Klint Finley‘s assertion that “… we need more competition in the broadband sector.” As SWIFT continues to move closer to realization, we couldn’t agree more with the White House’s belief that municipal governments have a role to play in ensuring competition, accessibility and affordability when it comes to promoting high-speed, high-quality internet connectivity for everyone.

President Obama’s backing of municipally driven high-speed internet services comes on the heels of the widely successful Hour of Code initiative that saw over 72 million people participate in learn-to-code programs, sparking national and global conversations about technical skills development for all ages, which we highlighted in our last Twitter Recap and which @codeorg published stats on (see Tweet below for links to more information).

For other tech and Internet related news, check out a few of the news stories and events tweeted out over the past week: