SWIFT hits the road and the airwaves

SWIFT Project Lead Geoff Hogan has been busy kicking off 2015 with extensive visits to County Councils and community partners across Ontario to share SWIFT’s goals with new elected officials who began their term in late 2014. As a result, SWIFT’s message – broadband for everyone – has been picking up steam this week, with growing news coverage and attention coming from around the province. Wei Chen, from CBC’s Ontario Morning, interviewed Geoff on Wednesday morning, providing a great signal boost for SWIFT to people across Ontario. You can listen to the interview as a CBC Podcast here (skip to 20:43 to listen in on the SWIFT-only portion).

The CBC Ontario Morning spotlight came on the heels of some great coverage by London Free Press/SunMedia reporter Deborah Van Brenk, who published “Unplugged, unhappy, unbowed: Rural Ontario is taking speedy internet service into its own hands” on Monday. Van Brenk’s article highlighted the crucial importance of SWIFT to the future economic prosperity of rural Ontario, with economist Mike Moffatt chiming in to say “If we don’t do anything, can we really afford in Southwestern Ontario to have another lost decade like the one we just had?” — we couldn’t agree more. Southwestern Ontario can’t afford to lose out on critical broadband infrastructure. That’s why we’re working to connect all of Southwestern Ontario and build broadband for everyone.

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