CRTC wants to know if our telecom system is “world class”

Southwestern ON

The CRTC is asking Canadians to weigh in on what they need to live in the digital age and wants to hear what you think about our telecom system.

Key questions being considered by the CRTC in its review are:

  • What services do Canadians need in order to fully participate in the modern economy?
  • What kind of Internet speeds do Canadians need?
  • Should there be new funding mechanisms for upgrading telecommunications in Canada?
  • How should telecommunications be regulated?

This is a great opportunity for our supporters to tell the CRTC why the SWIFT initiative is important to Southwestern Ontario. We encourage you to send your feedback on your current service and share your thoughts about why “broadband for everyone” is critical to our region’s economic and social development.

Public hearings will begin this week, starting April 11th, 2015 and Canadians can send submissions to the CRTC until June 30, 2015.

To learn more about the CRTC’s consultation initiative on telecommunications services or to participate and provide your input, please read the CRTC press release, available at