Honey Harbour pilot project reveals demand for ultra high-speed internet access

A recent blog-post on the Rural & Regional Broadband Project research site reveals the benefits of deploying high-speed internet access in rural communities, emphasizing the importance of investing in broadband infrastructure in Ontario.

Darren Hoekstra writes that, beyond the sheer data usage observed through the pilot project, there were additional economic and community benefits to better connectivity:

Ancillary benefits that were seen as a result of this pilot project were that more people spent time in the town, frequenting restaurants and retail shops at an increased rate, providing a boost to local shops. Online activity for local business also realized opportunities as customers were able to ‘like’ them on social media and provide reviews on Trip Advisor.

For more information about the Honey Harbour pilot project, and to read the rest of Hoekstra’s blog post, visit the Rural & Regional Broadband Project.