On this page you’ll find a number of downloadable brochures, studies, white papers, and other materials, as well as links to our partner organizations and other informative projects and websites.

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This high level presentation tells the SWIFT story and explains how we’ll build #broadbandforeveryone. This is a great place to start if you’re new to the project and looking to learn more about our model and how we’re reshaping the future of modern broadband infrastructure in southwestern Ontario, Caledon, and Niagara Region. To read the full notes that explain each slide in more detail, hover above the coversation bubble in the upper left corner of each page. (PDF – April 2017)

SWIFT guiding principles

SWIFT One Page Brochure


This one page brochure explains SWIFT in a short concise way and can be used as a handout.
(Brochure updated December 2016).

Gov of Ontario Media Release: SWIFT Funding


A link to the Government of Ontario’s release regarding SWIFT receiving provincial and federal funding. (July 2016)

SWIFT Funding Announcement Media Release


A PDF containing the media release regarding SWIFT receiving provincial and federal funding. (July 2016)

Who Connects Communities?


Something as important as Internet connectivity, and who provides it, should be easy to understand. Unfortunately, that isn’t often the case. We want to help. (April 2017).

Funding & Fast Facts


Learn more about how we’re funded, what kind of infrastructure we’ll be supporting, and more fast facts about the project. (April 2017)

Feasibility Study


The study reviewed the current state of user network access and provider network infrastructure.  As well, broadband models of network deployments around the world and across Canada were profiled.  Various regional area network model options were profile and a recommended model, we are calling the South West Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) network was recommended. (February 2012)

3rd Party Review


3rd Party review of SWIFT project by Reza Rajabiun, LLM, PhD. (July 2015)

SWIFT FAQ: Why Will Service Providers Participate


This is a downloadable FAQ addressing why telecom service providers will participate in the SWIFT Project. (Spring 2015)

Innovations in Farm Families and Communities White Paper


This paper published by the University of Guelph called, “Innovations in Farm Families and Rural Communities: Capacity Development for Broadband Use in Southern Ontario,” describes the importance of broadband access for farmers and applications farmers employ.

Municipal Access Agreement


This is a standardized municipal access agreement intended to make it easier for providers to build infrastructure.