Tell us about your Internet service and usage and help us build 'broadband for everyone'...

To connect everyone as effectively and efficiently as possible, we’re collecting information about how residents, farms, businesses and public sector organizations currently use of internet across the region. This information will help us determine where we will invest our funding and support SWIFT in achieving its goals of building “broadband for everyone.”

Below, you’ll find information about voluntarily completing a User Survey for the SWIFT Initiative.

Who can participate in the surveys?

Short answer? Anyone and everyone!

We are collecting information from three main groups of respondents. Each group has their own survey link, which can be found below:

Households or residential premises in Southwestern Ontario, Caledon and Niagara Region. This includes farms and seasonal dwellings

This an alternate format for the SWIFT Residential/Farmer User Survey. If you cannot complete the survey online, this format is an option available to you. You may complete this alternate format of the survey because:

  • You have no Internet access or very low download speeds at your dwelling/residential premise.
  • You have adequate Internet access but you prefer to complete the survey in the alternate format and email it to

Businesses of all sizes located in Southwestern Ontario, Caledon and Niagara Region.

Organizations in the MUSH Sector – Municipal, Utility, Schools and Hospitals. SWIFT will also be sending surveys by email to MUSH users across the region.

What questions are in the surveys?

The questions vary according to the type of user group. All surveys will ask about internet service at the premise. Information about internet connectivity includes the type of connection and access, bandwidth, download and upload speeds, duration of monthly plan, number of on-site users, etc.

What information should you have on hand to answer the survey?

Participants should have their Telecom Service Provider name and contract information at hand. For the MUSH Users and Business Users with multiple sites, please have the list of user sites and addresses available to input into the survey.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

Depending on the detail provided in your answers, it should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Can I start and then finish the survey at a later time/date?

Yes, if you use the same computer. Once you open the survey link and begin to complete the survey your information will be saved. To close the completed survey press “submit.”

Is the information I provide kept confidential?

Participation in this survey is voluntary; you may decline to answer any of the questions. Unless you consent to share your personal information, your responses to the survey will be made anonymous and your responses will remain confidential. No personal identifiers will be reported or shared that would allow you to be identified without your consent.

The information helps to assess and address current opportunities and challenges related to Internet connectivity. This information is used to design, build and evaluate the SWIFT Network. For analytical purposes, SWIFT will share this information with the University of Guelph’s R2B2 Project and store it in the SWIFT data base.  The anonymized survey data will be kept in a secure server location which is accessible to only the designated staff and will be retained for 20 years. Results without personal identifiers may be used for comparative purposes in future surveys. Aggregate results will be widely communicated and a summary of the results will be available on the SWIFT website. Results without personal identifiers will be aggregated for papers in scholarly publications and conferences.

Information collected through this survey is protected under the following policies:

Note about on-line surveys: Because data collection occurs via the internet, complete confidentiality of the data cannot be guaranteed. If you are using a public computer to complete this survey remember to: 1) erase the history, 2) empty the cache and 3) close the browser.

If you have trouble accessing the survey or require the survey in an alternative format, please contact or 1-519-914-1308.

Who can I contact to find out more information?

To learn more about these surveys, please visit or contact us at or call 855.561.4479.

The information you provide will help us assess and address current opportunities and challenges related to Internet connectivity – and will be used to design, build and evaluate the SWIFT Network.

To speak with our team, please contact:

You can reach any of our team members by calling 519.914.1308 and following the prompts for the person you’d like to speak with.